Emergency Septic Services

Septic system emergencies stink

Of all the emergencies a homeowner may face, a septic system emergency is among the most feared. Nobody wants to wake up to flooding and a foul odor in their home—talk about an unwelcome surprise!

However, dampness and unpleasant odors are the least of your worries if your septic system fails. A septic system failure can expose you to dangerous pathogens and viruses, risking the health of your family, local environment, and neighbors.  Plus, repairs are often messy and lengthy—not to mention costly. Here’s how to anticipate and prevent a potential septic system failure.

How to anticipate an emergency

If you want to avoid a septic system failure, you’ll need to know what to look for so you can anticipate a failure before it happens. The following scenarios are indicators you may have a septic emergency underfoot:

  • Water backup in your basement
  • Backup from your plumbing or septic tank
  • House fixtures draining slower than normal
  • Standing water in your drain field
  • Unusual gurgling noises in your plumbing system
  • Foul odors coming from your drain field after a heavy rain or abnormal water usage

How to prevent an emergency

To make your septic system last as long as possible, try not to use too much water—overuse is the number one reason septic systems fail. Never pave over your septic system; driving or parking over it is also a bad idea. Make sure that downspouts and yard drainage are directed in varying locations on your lawn, away from the septic tank. If you don’t already have inspection ports and risers in your septic system, we highly recommend having some installed. Inspection ports and risers are easy for a professional to install, and they’re the only real way to accurately judge the condition of your septic.

Shankster Bros. to the rescue

In the case of a septic system emergency, Shankster Bros. is your rescue squad! We know this sort of home emergency is the worst kind of inconvenience, that’s why we respond to your call quickly and get to work on your problem even faster. If you live in northeastern Indiana and you’ve noticed any of the indicators we mentioned above—septic backup, standing water, foul odor—call us right away. Preventing an emergency is as important as solving one, and we’re here to help on both counts.