Your Local Septic Tank Pumping Service Experts in Indiana, Shankster Bros.

Your Local Septic Tank Pumping Service Experts, Shankster Bros.

Your local septic tank pumping service experts, Shankster Bros. specializes in agricultural and residential drainage throughout northeastern Indiana. We provide a complete menu of septic system services including:

Family-Owned and Operated

Steven and Simeon Shankster, together with our families, are the heart and drive behind our local septic pumping company. Because we are family-owned and operated, we see our employees, customers, and the community as a family too.

We believe in the old-fashioned values of quality service, given with a handshake, a smile and a commitment to integrity. We will never walk away from a job half-finished or leave your family vulnerable to drainage or septic problems.

We know how important these projects are to you – it’s not just a septic system, it’s the system that keeps your loved ones healthy and your land well-cared-for. Similarly, excavation projects aren’t simply moving dirt around – it’s a project that keeps your farm running smoothly for generations to come and your home safe from floodwaters.

Shankster Bros. – Proud of our Indiana Roots

Because of our family values and hometown pride, Shankster Bros. treats every client as a friend. Therefore, we will never suggest an expensive excavation when a simple, economical septic cleaning will do.

We understand the latest technologies and advancements in drainage and wastewater management and we work very hard to recommend the right solution for every job, big and small. Each of our technicians is certified and comes prepared to answer questions and offer expert advice on your unique septic system.

We want your system to work and you to be happy with the end result. We will work with you to decide on the right option, repair or service for your septic or drainage problems. We’ve seen it all and we are experts on not only the technology of excavation and wastewater but our specific area’s water table, soil types, and local regulations.

We’re Here for You

We are never too busy to answer your questions about your septic system, wastewater issues, drainage concerns or septic tank. We value hard work, integrity, and honesty and we will always help you figure out the best option, whether it’s a small DIY solution or a big excavation project.

Also, please feel free to look at our website for other valuable information. We endeavor to be educational in these blog-posts and have created an open, easy-to-use resource for your convenience.

Call us anytime: (260)-982-7111 We love to hear from our customers and we are always happy to help!

What Makes Our Septic Tank Cleaning Company Better

What Makes Our Septic Tank Cleaning Company Better – Who We Work With

What makes our septic tank cleaning company better than other companies? We are the septic experts and that is reflected in the manufacturers we choose to partner with. We carefully source, research, and use our expertise and experience to choose the right materials and options for you. Whether you need a septic tank cleaning, installation, service or, if you aren’t sure what you need, we can help with that, too.

Fratco Pipes for Tough, Environmentally Friendly Drainage

We love Fratco Pipes and their wide variety of options for any job. One of our favorite options is the Fratco XD, which exceeds AASHTO and ASTM standards, making it incredibly durable for long-standing or large jobs. They also make a 100% recycled TruFlo pipe, a green-friendly, highly engineered HDPE pipe, and many more.

No matter what kind of soil you have, how big your system is, or what kinds of septic problems you’ve experienced, we can help you find the right pipe, the right price, and the right functionality.

Norweco Products for Exceptional Wastewater Treatment

Norweco makes water and wastewater treatment products, systems, and chemicals, that we have found in our long experience to be the absolute best for our customers. These products provide an outstanding level of treatment in an incredibly efficient, cost-effective way, which is important to us and our clients.

Norweco shares our commitment to environmental and social responsibility and we believe that these wastewater treatment products are the best in the industry, which is why we are proud to offer them on our trucks and use them in our services.

Presby Environmental Inc., for Smaller Drain Fields and Better Management

Presby Environmental makes several products that we endorse and use in our septic projects. The main reason we like their offerings is that a typical AES or Enviro-Septic® System from Presby is usually about 40% smaller than other leading drain fields. This creates lower installation costs, fewer potential problems, and more efficient wastewater treatment.

Our Expertise Makes the Difference

We enjoy working with the companies listed here and we are advocates for quality businesses and products throughout our industry. We know that every situation is unique, and that’s where our experience comes in: we will never sign off on a septic or drainage solution that is not right for your needs.

We take pride in only using the best products and partners, and we are excited to share our knowledge, experience, and products with you. Thank you for trusting us with your septic needs and as always, call us anytime with questions or concerns: (260)-982-7111

How to Find The Best Septic Tank Pumping Companies

How to Find The Best Septic Tank Cleaning Companies Near Me

When was your septic tank cleaned last? If you can’t remember, you could be in for an expensive hassle. Septic tanks need maintenance on a regular basis, and, generally speaking, the longer you wait, the more likely it is to become a big, expensive project. If it’s been so long that you don’t remember your last septic service, how do you find the best septic tank cleaning companies?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting your research.

Always Verify Septic Company’s Credentials

Each state has different regulations and licenses for septic cleaning and pumping companies. So it’s very important that you verify any septic company’s credentials before hiring them to service your septic system. A legitimate company will have a current license and bond that can easily be verified by your state.

These regulations protect consumers from ineffective cleaners, incomplete pumping jobs, and incorrect diagnosis of septic system issues. A licensed, bonded septic professional should be able to inspect the tank and identify any repairs that need to be made to the tank or the pipes, and be able to advise you about the right course of action for your specific home, water use, and lifestyle. They will also be knowledgeable about any permits required to complete the repairs.

Good Reviews Are Important

As you start looking for a company, consider their reputation. Ask your friends and neighbors for their experience, and call a few companies before making a decision.

Remember that choosing a septic service company is an important decision, like any other professional in your home. Service, transparency, ethical business practices, and quality workmanship are all important factors to consider. Septic service is an essential aspect of a healthy community and we are passionate about getting it right, for every customer, every time.

Choosing the Right Septic Company Matters

Regular cleaning and pumping can save you a lot of money and hassle. Using a company with a strong reputation for quality work is the first step in protecting the integrity of your septic system. Here at Shankster Bros., we are happy to answer your questions and help you make the right decision for your system – Call us at (260)-982-7111

Contact us for Tank Services or a Cleaning Today!

Why Home Septic Tank Maintenance and Cleaning Matters

Why Home Septic Tank Maintenance and Cleaning Matters

Why does septic tank cleaning and maintenance matter? Septic Systems are like any other piece of household maintenance – maintaining them is always simpler, less expensive, and easier than replacing them. This means that septic tank cleaning is actually an important piece of your home-ownership schedule. Just as you check your roof’s integrity, clean your gutters and dryer vents, and maintain your home’s exterior and interior aesthetic through cleaning and care, so you should maintain your septic system.

Regular Septic Tank Cleaning Eliminates Risk

If your septic tank is not cleaned, pumped, and otherwise properly maintained, it can cause serious issues. The first obvious issue is the inconvenience of backed-up plumbing. For those with septic systems, a distasteful, smelly plumbing problem can also become an expensive headache that causes a smelly, squishy lawn and other unsightly problems. Regular cleaning eliminates the risk of waking up to a foul and expensive septic system failure.

Also, cleaning your septic is an act of stewardship toward your neighborhood, community, and environment. Improperly cared for and failing systems can contribute harmful wastewater into groundwater, wells, and local habitats. This is a health concern for people, domestic livestock, pets, and wildlife, and should be seriously considered. It can also pollute local rivers, lakes, or other recreational areas, making them unusable and unsafe.

Septic tank cleaning is important because it maintains the economic and aesthetic value of your community. Failing septic systems pose a health threat, and are also expensive and cause property values to decline.

The best way to clean your septic system is to get it pumped by a professional septic company. It’s not necessary to clean or disinfect the septic tank (in fact, it’s harmful, as bacteria helps your system work) but a professional company can make sure that your septic is working well and efficiently.

Homeowner Septic Tank Maintenance

It’s also important to stay educated about what to use in your system. Many items that traditionally go down the garbage disposal (such as coffee grounds and food waste) or normal everyday cleaners like antibacterial hand soap and bleach, can cause your septic system to need premature cleaning. In a future blog post, we will list the items we suggest you avoid using if you are on a septic system in order to keep your household running smoothly.

Most homeowners should consider septic tank cleaning every 1-3 years. We’ll also address this schedule in a future blog post.

Remember, every septic system is different and every household is unique, so if you aren’t sure when to schedule a septic tank inspection, cleaning, pumping, or other services, please call us today at (260)-982-7111 with any questions.

At Shankster Bros., we pride ourselves on friendliness, tank care, expertise, and service. We’re here to help!