What Emergency Septic Services Means

What Emergency Septic Services Means

While we try to catch septic problems before it becomes an emergency, accidents happen from time to time. The most effective way to avoid emergency septic services is by prevention through regular cleaning, pumping, and maintenance, but here are the signs of a septic emergency:

Sewage smell, backup or bubbling

Often times, a foul odor in your drains and bubbling in your toilet is the first sign of a septic system backup. Call us immediately if you think you smell, hear or see anything that looks like sewage where it doesn’t belong, and we will come service your septic as soon as possible.

Pooling or standing water in the septic drain field

If your septic tank is full or malfunctioning, pooling water is usually a sign. Water should almost never pool in the drain field unless there’s been significant rainfall, and even then it should be similar to the areas around it. If you notice your drain field behaving differently, you likely have a problem with your septic system. Your septic system should run all water through the tank and seep into the drain field slowly, and pools can reveal clogs, broken pipes, or full septic tanks.

Well water problems

Test your well water for nitrates regularly, and if you notice high levels, there’s probably an issue with your septic system, which is impacting the groundwater. Again, regular septic tank pumping, cleaning, and service greatly reduce the risk of nitrate-heavy groundwater, and getting you’re well tested is always a good idea.

Shankster Bros. with a 24-hour emergency septic system hotline

If you see any of these signs, call us! (260) 750-2185 Even if you aren’t sure that your septic is malfunctioning, let us know if you observe unusual patterns in your septic system. It’s always better to prevent an emergency rather than respond to it, and we are happy to answer questions, check out your septic system in person and offer our recommendations for how to avoid problems in the future.