Septic Service in Indiana – 6 Steps to a New Septic System

We love our home state of Indiana and we strive to be one of the foremost septic system maintenance companies around here. We excel at septic pumping, farm drainage, septic system maintenance and more because we know our local ecosystems, municipal regulations, and best practices so well.

You need a local septic service company, and one with a long track record of success and environmental awareness for any level of septic service. We strive to be the best option for you!

Most states have slight variations to septic system laws for ongoing maintenance and new installation. We follow our state’s regulations for all maintenance, and we know that in Indiana, there are six basic steps to a new septic installation.

The Six Steps to a New Septic System in Indiana

  1. Evaluation (hire a licensed soil scientist to evaluate the soil on your property. This should be done in conjunction with a septic system professional.)
  2. System Requirements (questions to ask as you plan your system: how many people will be using the system? Any unusual needs or high-volume concerns?)
  3. Design (where to place the tank, drain field, etc. to render an effective solution for your unique location.)
  4. Permitting (your county will need to sign off on the permits for your new system, inspecting periodically to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the new septic system.)
  5. Installation Bids and Interviews (shop around for the best installation quality and value.)
  6. Septic Tank and Drainfield Installation (this is the fun part – get your septic system installed in working order.)
  7. Inspection (After an inspection from your county official, enjoy the peace of mind of a well-running system for yourself and your household.)

While installing and maintaining a septic system isn’t complicated, it is essential that you have a trusted advocate throughout the process. We’re glad to be that resource for you. We are happy to answer any questions about the permit process in Indiana, the unique environmental concerns we experience here or anything else you might need information on, with regards to your septic service needs. As always, if you have questions or concerns about your septic tank, please give us a call at (260)-982-7111