What Constitutes as a Septic Tank Emergency?

What Constitutes as a Septic Tank Emergency?

With all the information we provide about septic systems, how to keep them in good operating order and what to expect with their maintenance, it would be surprising if one of our regular blog-readers or customers had a septic tank emergency. But, accidents happen and sometimes there are unusual circumstances that can cause unexpected emergencies in even the most well-maintained system. So here are our four key signs that you might be experiencing a septic tank emergency on your property.

Sewage Backup – Sewage smell is incredibly foul and impossible to disguise or ignore. It might be one of the most unpleasant possible odors and fortunately is very unlikely in a well-maintained septic system, as it is an advanced sign of septic tank problems. You might also see bubbling in your toilet, and backups in drains. Sewage looks black and smells terrible – call us
IMMEDIATELY if you think you smell sewage in your home or business and let us address your backup as quickly as possible.

Drainfield Pooling – Most drain fields are relatively close to the home or business they serve, and so this is an easy sign to catch. If you see standing water on your lawn (particularly if the weather’s been dry) this is an obvious sign that something is happening in your septic system. It could be something as minor as a clogged pipe or as major as a compromised drain field or septic tank.

Your Septic Alarm – Not everyone has a septic alarm installed, but if it’s going off, it might mean that you are experiencing high water in your system. This can be because it can’t handle your waste load because of higher volumes, tank problems, or drain field issues. Either of these issues can cause significant problems in your septic system and should be addressed quickly by a septic professional. Call us if you want more information about your alarm, or if you’re interested in installing an alarm for your septic tank.

Nitrate Concentration – This is only applicable to those septic system owners who have freshwater wells for personal or agricultural consumption, but since most septic systems are installed in rural areas, it’s important to keep in mind. It’s important to have your well water tested on a regular basis – sometimes unmaintained or overloaded septic systems can leech into the local groundwater and cause high nitrate levels in your drinking water – not a good situation!

Having your septic tank maintained regularly and sealing all leaks will keep your well water clean and fresh – free of high levels of nitrates.

As always, if you have questions, are ever in need of emergency septic service, or any other septic system concerns, call us anytime. We love to hear from our customers and we want to help. Healthy septic systems make for healthy people, agriculture, and the environment – a win-win for all of us.