Septic Repair: Why You Should Always Leave it to the Professionals

Septic Repair: Why You Should Always Leave it to the Professionals

For most homeowners, weighing the pros and cons of what to hire a professional for and what to DIY can be stressful and overwhelming. For most people, normal household maintenance and repair projects are enjoyable, and an easy way to cut costs.

So, it stands to reason that some home and business owners would want to either install, repair, or maintain their own septic systems. After all, why pay for a professional septic service? Wouldn’t most handy homeowners be able to manage their own septic tanks and perform their own septic repair?

Well, yes and no. Yes, you can, as the property owner, do some commonsense things to keep your septic running smoothly, which we’ve discussed before on this blog. Things like avoiding overuse of your garbage disposal, using septic-friendly cleaning supplies and watching your water use can all keep your septic tank, drain field and septic system running well.

But, no matter how careful you are, needing a septic repair is part of life if you own a property with a septic system. So here are our reasons to avoid DIY septic repairs:

Do-It-Yourself can cost you much more

Small mistakes in septic system repairs can create big headaches, either immediately, or even worse, a year or two down the road. We’ve seen supposedly simple homeowner repairs go wrong and cost the property owners thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs, plus the aggravation and delay of having to do things twice.

The materials alone are costly in septic systems, so it’s smart to have a professional handle maintenance, installation, and repair. Save yourself the cost and hassle, and give yourself the peace of mind of having your septic system repaired right the first time.

You do not want to cause water pollution

Every septic system requires a permit from your local municipality. This is to prevent shoddy workmanship from polluting local water sources and making sure that your community government can crack down on bad or incompetent individuals who might be causing issues in the local watersheds.

This is a truly critical piece of the septic system puzzle and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You don’t want to cause pollution to your own water or your neighbors, and you certainly don’t want to be held liable for any contamination either. This is why it’s best to contract with an ethical, experienced and insured professional for your septic repairs.

Septic systems are actually very complex

While septic systems are basically wastewater tanks and drainage systems, which sound somewhat simple, the truth is that septic systems are deceivingly complex. There are multiple pipelines, chambers, baffles, mixers, and valves that all need to be installed and maintained properly in every system, and the necessary adjustments vary depending on your land’s elevation, soil makeup, annual rainfall and more. If you hire a local, dependable septic company, like Shankster Bros, for your septic system repairs, you can rest assured that we will know what your system needs and how to serve you best, while keeping costs down and your septic system working properly.

Don’t DIY your septic system installation, repair or maintenance – call the professionals today at Shankster Bros.