When is a Good Time For a New Septic Installation?

time for septic installation

When is a Good Time to Install a New Septic System?

Obviously, a functioning septic system is essential to the health, well-being, and comfort of your home and family members. A single unusable shower, dishwasher, sink, or toilet is an inconvenience enough, imagine if all of the plumbing in your property wasn’t working – that’s truly unfortunate and uncomfortable for everyone.

So, it’s essential to keep your septic system in good working order, but sometimes even the best-cared-for septic systems must be replaced. But when is a good time to install a new septic system?

Septic System Inspection

Well, first, make sure that the replacement of your septic system (or certain elements within it) is truly the best option. No matter what piece(s) of the septic system you replace, it’s going to be an inconvenience, so please call us, the Shankster Bros., for a professional inspection of your septic tank, drain field, piping, and outflow systems to make sure that you are making the best use of your time and money with regard to your septic system.

Septic System Installer

tank installationRemember that a professional septic system installer is essential to the speed, efficiency, and quality of your new septic system if you do decide to replace your current system. The professional septic installer will make certain that you are inconvenienced for a minimal time, that your new system will last many years and that you won’t have ongoing septic system problems.

One thing to remember, like all outdoor maintenance, is that weather plays an important role in the success of your septic system project, no matter the size. So, even if the snow or rain is coming down now, maybe start with making some initial appointments for the months to come. Nice days will be here before we know it, and like with all construction and farm work, outdoor professionals get even busier and harder to book when the weather turns fair; so get on the calendar and start your plans ahead of the rush.

If you’re noticing problems with your septic system or septic tank give us a call today!

No matter when or how you decide to replace your septic system or pieces within it, we promise to give you the best possible advice and most economical and efficient solutions to your septic system problems. Call us anytime for honest and expert advice – at Shankster Bros we are your local septic experts!  Call us at (260)-982-7111 for an inspection today!