What Things Should I Never Put Down the Drain?


What Things Should I Never Put Down the Drain?

This is a common question we hear often, and it’s not only important for those with septic systems. All of us should be intentional about what we put down our household drains, as the use of hazardous chemicals, bio-hazards, and products like oil or gas can make a significant negative impact on the local environment and groundwater.

But these concerns are even more valid with a septic system, as the monetary and environmental costs fall to the septic system owner if the system fails or becomes compromised.

So, here’s our shortlist of things to never put down your drain and into your septic system.

Solid waste. While it’s OK to use a garbage disposal occasionally with a septic system, it’s unwise to rely on it too heavily. Avoid solid food waste if possible, even small pieces of solid waste such as coffee grounds.

Chemicals. Bleach and other intense household cleaners can kill the healthy bacteria in your septic tank and can cause harm to your system. Consider switching to more Earth and septic-friendly cleaners such as castile soap or essential oils.

Too much water. Dishwashers and washing machines are incredible time-saving tools but should be used wisely. Load your appliances fully before running and avoid running too frequently in a 24-hour period to avoid overloading your septic drain field.

Grease or fat. Washing grease down the drain is an easy solution, but it can cause headaches later. Scrape excess fat off of cooking pans and into the trash to avoid clogs, slowdowns, or septic system overloads.

The important thing to remember is that your septic system can last for many years if you care for it properly and stay aware of septic system health and maintenance. If you need to schedule a septic tank cleaning, pumping, or inspection, don’t hesitate to call Shankster Bros at (260)-982-7111. any time.