24-Hour Emergency Septic Service Help

24-Hour Emergency Septic Service Help

Of all the emergencies a homeowner may face, a septic system crisis is among the most feared. Nobody wants to wake up to flooding and a foul odor in their home, though dampness and unpleasant smells will be the least of your worries if your septic system fails. A septic system malfunction can expose you to dangerous pathogens and viruses, potentially risking the health of your family, friends, and neighbors. Plus, repairs are often messy, lengthy, and, not to mention, costly.

At Shankster Bros., we believe the best offense is a good defense. That means we encourage consistent maintenance to avoid panicky, middle-of-the-night plumbing emergencies. But in a case where your septic system fails unexpectedly, we have a 24-hour emergency hotline and are happy to walk you through any crisis.

Simply call (260) 750-2185 for 24-hour emergency septic service help.

What Constitutes a Septic Tank Emergency?

With all the detailed information we provide about septic systems, how to keep them in good condition, and what to expect with their maintenance, it would be surprising if one of our customers had a septic tank emergency. But accidents happen and sometimes there are abnormal circumstances that can cause unforeseen emergencies in even the most well-maintained system.

So here are our four key signs that you might be experiencing a septic tank emergency on your property. These include:

  • Sewage backup – The sewage smell is incredibly foul and impossible to disguise or ignore. It might be one of the most unpleasant possible odors, and it’s very unlikely in a well-maintained septic system, as it’s an advanced sign of septic tank problems. You might also see bubbling in your toilet or backups in drains, in some cases. The sewage looks black and smells terrible – call us immediately if you recognize this scent in your home or business and let us address your backup as quickly as possible.
  • Drain field pooling – Most drain fields are located relatively close to the home or business they serve, so this is an easy sign to catch. If you see standing water on your lawn (particularly if the weather’s been dry), this is an obvious sign that something is happening in your septic system. It could be something as minor as a clogged pipe or as major as a compromised drain field or septic tank.
  • Your septic alarm – Not everyone has a septic alarm installed, but if it’s going off, it might mean that you are experiencing high water in your system. This can be because your septic system can’t handle your waste load due to higher volumes, tank problems, or drain field issues. Either of these issues can cause significant problems in your tank and should be addressed quickly by a septic professional. Call us if you want more information about your alarm, or if you’re interested in installing an alarm for your septic tank.

Additionally, if you have gurgling sounds in your pipes or slow drainage from your house fixtures, you might need emergency 24-hour septic tank pumping. We are happy to help and offer the best, cleanest, and kindest service around, no matter what time you call.

How to Prevent a Future Emergency

To make your septic system last as long as possible, try not to use too much water – overuse is just one of the reasons septic systems fail. Never pave over your septic system; driving or parking over it is also a bad idea. Make sure that downspouts and yard drainage systems are directed in varying locations on your lawn away from the septic tank.

If you don’t already have inspection ports and risers in your septic system, we highly recommend having some installed. Inspection ports and risers are easy for a professional to install, and they’re the only real way to accurately judge the condition of your septic.

Contact Us Today for Emergency Service

Our team promises to offer real-world advice, fast service, and money-saving tips when working with us. We will also not charge you for unnecessary services, sell products or services that you don’t need, or use your crisis to our advantage. Ultimately, you can feel secure knowing that we care about your home and your satisfaction with our services.

Call Shankster Bros. today at (260) 750-2185 for 24-hour emergency septic service help.

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