Does Having a Large Family Mean I Should Pump My Tank More Often?

Septic tank pumping and cleaning are like any other regular household maintenance, it is largely dependent on how much you use the item requiring service.

For instance, those who drive for work need more regular oil changes than someone who drives rarely. Your HVAC system in your home needs more maintenance if you live in an extremely hot or cold climate versus a locale where you can usually keep your windows open. And, if you have a large family, or just use a lot of water, you probably need to pump your septic tank more frequently than you might think.

If you use a septic system for professional laundry, such as an Airbnb where you are washing linens regularly, or if you have a garbage disposal or water softener installed in your kitchen, these are factors requiring more frequent service of your septic system.

If you have a large family (more than four people in your household) or a long-term uptick in your household count (such as a foreign exchange student or elderly relative) it’s probably a good idea to pump your septic tank once every 12-18 months instead of the usually recommended 2-3 years.

Septic tanks can back up or fail entirely if not maintained properly

As always, if you notice any foul smells, slow drainage, or other signs of septic tank backup, call and get your septic tank professionally inspected and pumped IMMEDIATELY. No matter how many people are in your family or how often you use your plumbing, septic tanks can back up or fail entirely if not maintained properly, and the fall-out can be costly, time-consuming and unpleasant for everyone.

If you don’t remember the last time you got your septic tank pumped, it’s probably time to schedule a septic service. If you recently purchased a property that has a septic system and you aren’t sure what the maintenance has been like in the past, it’s probably time to schedule a septic tank pumping.

No matter how big your family is or what shape your septic system is in, we can help. Call Shankster Bros today to schedule your septic maintenance. Call us at (260)-982-7111

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