When You Should Call for Emergency Septic Pumping

When You Should Call for Emergency Septic Pumping

By default, emergencies are unscheduled events that can’t be planned for. An emergency is by nature an inconvenient and often unpleasant experience, but a septic system emergency doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds.

Call our office and schedule an emergency septic tank service if you see any of the following signs:

Sewage (also known as blackwater) overflowing the tank. Be careful and avoid touching the place with bare skin if you can, but check around the septic tank cover for excess moisture. If the tank is full, it’s possible that solids are plugging exit baffles or the disbursement system itself, and causing leakage around the top of the septic tank.

Excess moisture over your septic system and leach field. If there’s a relatively small pool of localized water, it could be a broken leach pipe. If there’s a great deal of excess water on the field and not elsewhere on your property, the field itself might have failed.

Slow, gurgling, bubbling, or backed-up drains, which could be signs of damaged pipes or a compromised septic tank. Septic alarms sounding. Some septic systems have alarms to alert property owners to failing pumps or tanks, and this is an easy way to quickly find the offending piece of your system.

If you suspect a septic emergency in your system, DO NOT run any more water, and call us, Shankster Bros, immediately. We always try to answer emergency calls as quickly as possible and get your septic system back up and running in a timely fashion.

The truth is that even with regular and comprehensive septic maintenance, septic system emergencies can happen at any time. Sometimes these emergencies are caused by things out of the property owners’ control: a crushed sewer pipe, sewage pump failure or clogged line. Sometimes these emergencies come about because of high use, bacteria-killing chemicals in the tank or simply old age of the system. No matter why the emergency happens, it always requires immediate attention, and we are happy to help.