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  • Shankster Bros. offers complete farm field drainage services using the latest GPS technology to effectively complete our projects.
  • We’ve been working with farm drainage customers throughout the northern Indiana region for more than 25 years.
  • We are dedicated to providing high-quality work, which is why we exclusively work with Fratco polyolefin corrugated drainpipe, the best pipe in the business.
Simeon ShanksterAuthor: Simeon Shankster
Updated on 2/19/2024

At Shankster Bros., we want to help your crops and your farm to remain healthy and prosperous for years to come. We understand that a fundamental part of having a flourishing row crop production and healthy land management system comes from proper farm and field drainage systems, so we’re proud to include that in our services.

Statistics continue to confirm that crops can be cut off at the roots through suffocation and this can cause root stress due to improper drainage. Therefore, we encourage the implementation and use of systematic farm field drainage to assist in creating fields full of vitality, longevity, and successful row crop production. This allows farmers to regulate water levels in their fields more precisely, which provides an array of benefits, while also conserving water resources.

Environmental Impacts of Farm Field Drainage Systems

It’s essential to understand the environmental impact a lack of proper farm drainage can produce. Some of negative possibilities include:

  • Soil erosion – Inadequate draining leads to water accumulating on the surface of the soil, with the probability increasing with every heavy rainfall. Without proper farm field drainage, there is no channel to direct excess water away from the fields. Water will continue to pile up on the soil’s surface which increases the likelihood of erosion occurring. This erosion process can degrade soil quality, reduce fertility, and diminish crop fields over time.
  • Nutrient runoff – In addition to the soil particles that become eroded, without an effective field drainage system in place, water runoff will carry away essential nutrients from agricultural fields. Specific nutrients that are used as fertilizer for crops can get washed into nearby rivers, lakes, and streams. This can lead to an overgrowth of algae, posing environmental problems for ecosystems in these areas.
  • Water pollution – In addition to soil particles and nutrients, runoff from agricultural fields may also contain pesticides and other chemicals commonly used to control pests and weeds. Without farm drainage, these chemicals will wash from the fields and contaminate water sources, posing risks to not only aquatic life but human health as well.

Long-Term Maintenance and Sustainability of Farm Field Drainage Systems

Adhering to long-term maintenance practices and care of field drainage systems contributes to improved soil health, water management, and healthy crops.

Some best practices for long-term farm drainage maintenance include:

  • Inspecting the farmland drainage system regularly
  • Clearing debris from drainage channels
  • Monitoring water levels during rainfall
  • Flushing tile drains to prevent clogging
  • Maintaining proper surface draining patterns
  • Implementing contour farming
  • Improving soil structure with organic matter
  • Documenting maintenance activities
  • Installing drainage tiles
  • Engaging in ongoing education and training

By implementing proper upkeep and care of your farm drainage systems, it will ensure long-lasting benefits and reduce erosion and degradation of your farm.

Seasonal Factors for Farm Drainage

It’s important to note that seasonal factors play a significant role in farm field drainage, essentially influencing the water movement, soil conditions, and agricultural practices throughout the year. Some seasonal factors that could play a part include:

  • Spring thaw and rainfall – In spring, melting snow and increased rainfall can lead to saturated soil conditions and water accumulation on the surface of your farmland. Proper farm drainage will help remove the excess water, allowing enough time for planting and fieldwork during this time of the year.
  • Summer growth and irrigation – Plant growth accelerates during the summer, which increases the demand for water and moisture. Having a drainage system allows for proper preparation to maintain optimal soil moisture levels.
  • Fall precipitation and harvest – Adequate farm drainage during the fall will allow for better field access for harvesting equipment, as well as minimizing soil compaction caused by heavy machinery.
  • Winter freeze and snow – The melting of the frozen ground will lead to more surface runoff and erosion. Rapid thawing during the winter months can lead to intense soil saturation and ice formation in fields.

Seasonal variations further emphasize the importance of long-term maintenance and planning for farmland drainage systems.

Emerging Trends in Agricultural Drainage Services

Here at Shankster Bros., we specialize in complete farm field drainage systems using the latest GPS technology to complete projects. Tasks include creating a topographical map of your field, designing a system to fit your land’s unique contours, installing the farmland drainage system, and generating a map of the completed project. With experience in both small diameter lateral drainage lines and large diameter dual-wall main installations, we have the capability to customize our services to address your needs.

We also exclusively use Fratco polyolefin corrugated drainpipe so that we know you are getting the best pipe in the business. With 90 years of manufacturing experience, Fratco supplies superior drainage pipes that optimize pipe installation efficiency and lifetime value, and we are proud to be a Fratco distributor.

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Since 1999, we have made it our priority to provide each client with the most effective and economical solutions to maintain prosperous crops via the farm drainage process. We are proud to offer agricultural drainage services within a three-hour radius from Silver Lake, Rochester, and Columbia City

Additional services we provide include septic tank pumping, septic tank cleaning, septic tank maintenance, excavation services, and more!  

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