Farm Drainage

Farm and Field Drainage

Simeon ShanksterAuthor: Simeon Shankster
Updated on 2/19/2024

At Shankster Bros., we want to help you, your crops, and your farm remain healthy and prosperous for years to come. We understand that a fundamental part of having a flourishing row crop production and healthy land management system comes from proper farm drainage. Statistics continue to confirm that crops can be cut-off at the roots through suffocation and/ or root stress due to improper drainage. Therefore, we encourage the implementation and use of systematic farm and field drainage to assist in creating fields full of vitality, longevity, and successful row crop production.

We specialize in complete farm drainage and field drainage systems, using the latest GPS technology to create a topographical map of your field, design a system to fit your land’s unique contours, install the system and generate a map of the completed project. With experience in both small diameter lateral drainage lines and large diameter dual wall main installations, we have the capability to customize our services to address your needs.

We use Fratco polyolefin corrugated drain pipe exclusively so that we know you are getting the best pipe in the business. With 90 years of manufacturing experience, Fratco drainage pipes are a superior product that optimizes pipe installation efficiency and lifetime value, and we are proud to be a Fratco distributor.

Whether you are looking for a wheel machine to attend to your spot specific field drainage needs or a tile plow for a “whole field” systematic drainage system, Shankster Bros. can help.

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