What Emergency Septic Service Means

What Emergency Septic Service Means While we try to catch septic problems before it becomes an emergency, accidents happen from time to time. The most effective way to avoid emergency septic services is by prevention through regular cleaning, pumping, and maintenance, but here are the signs of a ...

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Septic Tank Pumping Costs

Septic Tank Pumping Costs One of the factors to consider when you have a septic system in your home or business is the costs of pumping, cleaning and other maintenance. Luckily, these costs are minor and the services don’t take much time if done regularly. Maintaining your septic tank and drainfi...

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Seasonal Septic Tank Cleaning

By pneuma33 / January 15, 2018 / General, Residential Services, Septic Tank Pumping / No Comments

Seasonal Septic Tank Cleaning The holidays are over, but winter certainly isn’t. We often get asked about the best time of year for Septic Tank Cleaning and pumping, so here is our answer: now! If you are starting to wonder about your septic system, or are considering getting it pumped, you shoul...

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Your Local Septic Experts, Shankster Bros.

Your Local Septic Experts, Shankster Bros. Shankster Bros. specializes in agricultural and residential drainage throughout northeastern Indiana. We provide a complete menu of septic system services including: Installation Inspection Line Cleaning Septic Tank Maintenance Repair Septic Tank Pumping...

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What Makes Our Septic Tank Cleaning and Service Company Better

By pneuma33 / December 14, 2017 / General, Residential Services, Shankster Bros / No Comments

What Makes Our Septic Tank Cleaning and Service Company Better – Who We Work With We are the septic experts and that is reflected in the manufacturers we choose to partner with. We carefully source, research and use our expertise and experience to choose the right materials and options for ...

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How to Find The Best Septic Tank Cleaning Companies

How to Find The Best Septic Tank Cleaning Company When was your septic tank cleaned last? If you can’t remember, you could be in for an expensive hassle. Septic tanks need maintenance on a regular basis, and, generally speaking, the longer you wait, the more likely it is to become a big, expensiv...

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Why Septic Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Matters

Why Clean Your Septic System? Septic Systems are like any other piece of household maintenance – maintaining them is always simpler, less expensive and easier than replacing them. This means that septic tank cleaning is actually an important piece of your home-ownership schedule. Just as yo...

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