Septic Services and Cleaning: What We Do

When your septic system fails you Your septic systems isn’t a normal topic of conversation, that is until you find that it’s failing. Somebody in your family woke up in the morning and noticed a wet spot developing on the lawn, a drain making funny gurgling noises, or a toilet backing...

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We’re Thankful For Our Customers

Septic, drainage and excavation services At Shankster Bros., we’re honored to offer a variety of septic, drainage, and excavation services to our local community. We have the specific tools, knowledge and training to install a tile drainage system in your alfalfa field, measure and dig a ba...

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Harvest Time: Maintenance and Repairs During Busy Season

The harvest must go on Anyone with the slightest background in agriculture knows that harvest season is the busiest time for farmers. In Indiana, we have a strong agriculture heritage known for supplying wheat, oats, rye, alfalfa, corn and soybeans to the rest of our nation, and to remote parts o...

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Emergency Septic Services

Septic system emergencies stink Of all the emergencies a homeowner may face, a septic system emergency is among the most feared. Nobody wants to wake up to flooding and a foul odor in their home—talk about an unwelcome surprise! However, dampness and unpleasant odors are the least of your worries...

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Irrigation, Drainage and Responsible Farm Water Use

Agriculture in Indiana Agriculture is the largest industry in the state of Indiana, and Indiana is one of the top agricultural states in the nation. Unlike some states, drought isn’t usually a problem as we’ve been blessed with an ample supply of water. However, over-saturation and lack of draina...

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Save your Septic from Any Emergency

By Shankster Bros / May 25, 2016 / Shankster Bros / No Comments
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Excavation Services for Your Farm Home

Although it’s true that septic systems and farm drainage are two fields we specialize in, we want you to know that we also offer a variety of excavation services. Excavation services: ponds, driveways, demolition and more If you need excavation for a full, partial, or walkout basement, or even ju...

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