Merry Christmas from Shankster Bros

By Shankster Bros / December 25, 2016 / Shankster Bros / No Comments
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Shankster Bros Solving Septic Issues

By Shankster Bros / October 29, 2016 / Shankster Bros / No Comments
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Shankster Bros Solve Confusing Septic Issues

By Shankster Bros / October 14, 2016 / Shankster Bros / No Comments
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Septic Tank Maintenance: How Often to Pump it Out?

Septic Tank Maintenance In Northeastern Indiana, many homeowners and owners of commercial facilities rely on septic tanks to dispose of solid and liquid wastes water from their buildings. These tanks hold the solids and sludge while releasing the liquids into leaching fields to biodegrade natural...

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Septic Services and Cleaning: What We Do

When your septic system fails you Your septic systems isn’t a normal topic of conversation, that is until you find that it’s failing. Somebody in your family woke up in the morning and noticed a wet spot developing on the lawn, a drain making funny gurgling noises, or a toilet backing...

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We’re Thankful For Our Customers

Septic, drainage and excavation services At Shankster Bros., we’re honored to offer a variety of septic, drainage, and excavation services to our local community. We have the specific tools, knowledge and training to install a tile drainage system in your alfalfa field, measure and dig a ba...

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Harvest Time: Maintenance and Repairs During Busy Season

The harvest must go on Anyone with the slightest background in agriculture knows that harvest season is the busiest time for farmers. In Indiana, we have a strong agriculture heritage known for supplying wheat, oats, rye, alfalfa, corn and soybeans to the rest of our nation, and to remote parts o...

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