Need a Septic Tank Inspection or Tank Pumped? This checklist will help.

Need a Septic Tank Inspection or Tank Pumped? This checklist will help.

We’ve talked about septic tank pumping, cleaning, and routine maintenance quite a bit on this blog, but what are the things you should check when getting a septic tank inspection or your septic tank pumped? Here’s our checklist for your septic pumping professional. Whether it’s a routine pumping, a new-home purchase septic tank inspection or an emergency septic rescue, these are the essential pieces of your system:

Septic tank lid

Having an old or damaged septic tank lid is extremely dangerous for both pets and people, and it can also lead to yard debris, trash, or other foreign materials getting inside the tank and creating flow problems. Your septic tank pumping company should be able to check your lid and replace it if necessary.

Inlet and outlet baffles or tees

Sometimes pieces of the tank can go missing, or become broken or clogged. When baffles or tees are compromised on either side of the septic tank, this can cause serious complications to your septic system performance.


If your tank is not full before pumping, it’s likely you have a septic tank leak. Also, watch out for over-saturated soil around the tank, or a tank that refills while being pumped – not a good sign.

Sludge in the outlet, and high liquid

If there is sludge or solids in the outlet pipe, and a liquid level in the tank that is over the top of the outlet pipe, you either have a clog in the outlet or a problem in your drain field. It might also mean that your tank is not breaking down the solids effectively, which might mean other septic tank problems.


Root systems are a major cause of septic backup, so ask your septic tank company to check around the tank for excess roots. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove trees or vegetation to ensure adequate drainage, but we try to create an environment in which both your septic system and your landscaping can thrive.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about your septic tank, if you need to get it pumped, cleaned or need a septic tank inspection, please give us a call at (260)-982-7111. We’re happy to help with any routine or emergency maintenance, and we pride ourselves in efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly service.