Septic Tank Pumps – When You Need One and When to Call a Pro

What’s the difference between septic tank pumps, and do you need one in your septic system? Here’s our quick guide – there are three main kinds of septic tank pumps, a sump pump, a septic
effluent pump, and a grinder pump.

We’re happy to help you decide if you need one of these solutions in your septic system. Keep in mind that this blog-post is just a quick reference, by no means an extensive how-to – always call us before attempting to DIY a septic tank problem!

Sump Pump

Also known as a de-watering pump, sump pumps are typically used in very wet climates to drain basements and foundations of excess water from extreme weather. This is a pump for insurance purposes, really, making sure that buildings maintain structural security in very wet conditions. Occasionally a sump pump is used in septic systems, but rarely, as there are better solutions if a pump is needed.

Grinder Pump

These septic tank pumps are used to grind and move black water or sewage from place to place, grinding the solids to enable everything to fit through standard piping (usually 2” diameter). Typically, the grinder pump is installed right in a septic tank. The pump is needed because in this case, it’s sending black water to an uphill location, such as a septic tank, municipal sewer system or sewage pumping center.

Sewage Effluent Pump

These septic tank pumps are intended only to move clarified effluent, typically from a septic chamber (not a tank) to a drain field. If you are pumping clarified effluent out of a septic pumping chamber (meaning a separate holding place downstream from the main septic tank). Because this pump cannot break down solids, it’s essential that it be removed from the tank, which contains solids and scum.

If you are debating using a septic tank pumps in your septic system, ALWAYS call a professional septic tank service company first. Most septic systems do not require a pump, and you might need a professional septic tank pumping anyway. We are glad to answer any questions about your septic system, the potential of requiring a pump and the costs involved in installing one for your system. As always, if you have questions or concerns about your septic tank, please give us a call at (260)-982-7111.

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