Septic System Repair: Warning Signs That You May Need Pro Repairs

Septic System Repair: Warning Signs That You May Need Pro Repairs


Slow Draining in Your Home

Most home and property owners assume that a little Drain-o or a roto visit from a plumber can easily fix slow-draining sinks or bathtubs. That might be true, but if you operate on a septic system, it’s important to know that slow drainage can be a sign of septic system trouble or failure, in particular if you notice this symptom in more than one sink, tub or drain in your home. If more than one of these is draining slowly in your home or business, your septic tank might be backing up or outflow pipe might be impacted.

Backing up Sewage

Slow drainage might be the first sign of a septic problem, but your septic tank issues might skip straight to backing up, in some situations. If you notice sludge in your bathtubs, water coming up in your sinks, or other signs of back up from your septic system, this is a common indicator that your septic system is in serious need of septic tank pumping or septic system repair.

Water on the Drain Field

We advise our customers to keep an eye on their septic system drain field and walk through that area of your property semi-frequently to check for issues. If you start to notice standing water, unseasonable dampness or any kind of smell in your yard or drain field, it’s a good idea to call for a pumping or septic system inspection. If your drain field is not functioning properly, this could also mean that your septic tank or drain piping is also in trouble.

Unpleasant Smells

Septic systems, when they work properly, are very clean and hygienic for your whole family. Your home should not smell from bad plumbing, and you should not encounter sewage smells in your yard, either. If you start to smell your septic system in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else that you have a drain in your home, that’s a sign that your septic system is not performing properly.

If you see or smell any of these warning signs in your home or business, call us right away at (260)-982-7111. We are available to help with any emergency septic service or maintenance and are glad to answer any septic questions you may have.